Rocky River Football

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who Are You?
We are a Non-profit organization that was started by ten former RRHS Football Players. The Marooners will energize the community. We will coordinate and muster resources for the Rocky River football program at ALL levels.

Why Now?
The Student athletes who participate in football deserve an organization that will help them compete and succeed as competitors on the field, as students in the classroom, and as citizens serving our community. With a recent levy failure, a decline in tax revenue, and other challenges, the football program risks becoming substandard. The Marooners will ensure that these hardworking student athletes get what they need to be successful.

Are you the Boosters?
No. The RR Boosters are a dedicated group of men and women who run the concessions and other fundraisers that support 23 different activities primarily at RRHS.

How do the Marooners raise money?

The Marooners have been granted 501(c) (3) tax status and are looking for significant private donations to ensure the future of the RR Football program. We have hosted successful fundraising events in the past and will continue to host these events throughout each season.

Do The Marooners just support the Varsity?
No. Although the RRHS Varsity is the apex of the Football program, The Marooners donate funds to the RRMS and the RR Youth Football program. It is important to the future of the program that students at ALL levels benefit from the support of our organization and community.

Why should I donate?
It’s about the players. RR kids deserve the best and safest options for success and that takes financial resources.

How can I donate?

Contact one of the Board members and we will be happy discuss your options. Please note that 100 % of the deductible donations support the football program. Our code of regulations state that Board Members receive no compensation and cannot personally benefit from donations in any manner.

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