Rocky River Football


The Marooners is leading a school-wide initiative of student service and learning that will culminate in a pink-out of the Rocky River Stadium on October 20, 2017 for the RR vs. Parma football game.

The purpose is to engage students, faculty, staff and the community in both recognizing and addressing the needs of those who have been and are affected by cancer.  The intention of the initiative is to engage multiple student organizations in the service of individuals and organizations in the cancer community through fundraising, service projects, and learning opportunities so that all students have a better understanding of, and appreciation for, the disease and those afflicted with it.  The Pink Ribbon Game will be a testimony to the learning and support of the students.

While The Marooners is leading the initiative with resources, both financial and administrative, the Pink Ribbon Game will only be successful with the cooperation and leadership of all stakeholders involved in Friday Nights and the local cancer community.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is celebrated every October in order to bring awareness to the disease.  The National Football League is a noteworthy supporter of breast cancer awareness.  It is an obvious connection to HS Football.

Cuyahoga County is particularly hard hit by Cancer both in terms of state and national rankings. Nearly 500 per 100,000 residents suffer from some form of cancer.  Lung cancer and breast cancer in particular are cancer types disproportionately affecting Cuyahoga County residents.


Over the years, the Rocky River community and Rocky River High School have been generous supporters of the local cancer community.  The Pink Ribbon Game and the initiatives leading up to it are a visible and motivated effort to address breast cancer awareness and research in the community.  However, we would be remiss if we did not take this learning and service opportunity to recognize the disease of cancer in all its types.  Therefore we are supporting three organizations this year:

Susan G. Komen Northeast Ohio

                The Gathering Place

                Prayers From Maria

There are multiple ways to support these organizations.  One is to make a donation directly at: (COMING SOON).  The other is to buy a pink t-shirt (Available through the RRHS Spirit Wear Shop after 9/20/17).


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