Rocky River Football

Join Our Mission to Support Rocky River Tackle Football At All Levels

Dear RR Football fans,

We are The Marooners, and we invite you to join our mission to support Rocky River tackle football at all levels. Through Fundraising and community engagement, we will coordinate and muster resources on behalf of all the stakeholders in RR Football, most importantly the athletes.

The Student athletes who participate in football deserve an organization that will help them compete and succeed as competitors on the field, as students in the classroom, and as citizens serving our community. Founded by ten former varsity River football players, our organization understands the need to support our programs from the 3rd and 4th grade youth level to the varsity. The Marooners will ensure that these hardworking athletes get what they need to be successful.

After our inception in 2012, The Marooners came out of the gate fast and made a determined effort to positively affect the football program. We raised funds for practice equipment and a stadium banner that celebrates Pirate Football tradition. We engaged the community through our home game tailgates and a new website, We engaged the coaches and school administrators about the future of Pirate Football, particularly how we can positively and cooperatively improve our program. We also directly addressed the athletes at all levels to let them know that they have the necessary support to help them be successful. Not only for the sake of competition and safety on the field, but for a positive community experience, the Marooners are determined to see our mission through.

We need your help to continue our efforts. We hope that you will consider supporting the Marooners. We are not the boosters and we are not affiliated with any other organization. We have a one track focus, and that is tackle football. We have no administrative or overhead costs. Your donation will go directly to the initiatives that we are undertaking. Please see the attached donor form to learn about the many ways to support tackle football. It’s for all of us who have or had kids in the program. It’s for all of us who spend our Friday nights at the game rooting on our team. Thank you for your support.

Thanks for your time,

The Marooners

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